Friday 9 January 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 1

The Baptism & Murder scene from The Godfather Part 1? Nah, kid. The final showdown between Harmonica and Frank in Once Upon A Time In The West? Pfffft. Tommy sticking Paulie The Penis through the hole in the wall of the girl's showers only for Miss Balbricker to grab it in Porky's? Okay, you've got a point with that one, but cast it from your mind for now while we extol the virtues of the Show me with your mouth scene from Bad Lieutenant.

Now, you could argue that King Of New York is a much better movie than Bad Lieutenant as far as Abel Ferrara flicks go and you'd be right but there isn't a scene in KONY, not even the For the bulletholes, puta! tampons-in-the-briefcase scene, better than Harvey Keitel standing in a street furiously jerking off in front of a car containing 2 trashy teenage rock chicks from New Jersey who've jacked their dad's car without permission with one of them mock-fellating him while the other is baring her arse for him, is there?

* While this does obliterate any of the classic scenes in King Of New York into dust, the KONY menu screen with the loop of the scene where Frank (Christopher Walken) is dancing in the hotel room which is overdubbed with Saturday Night by Schoolly D is as about as close to rivalling it as you can possibly get.


Anonymous said...

did you hear that herzog is doing a remake of this with nicholas cage in the lead role?

Conroy said...

a beautiful scene, beautifully described. You don't see any memorable shit like this in films these days