Thursday, 22 January 2009

Martorial elegance # 7

This is the exact point when Benny from Crossroads type middle aged slobs just say fuck it completely, embrace the liberations that come with hitting pensionable age and transmogrify into Compo overnight.

You can view him with a sense of pity if you wish but there's probably a sort of Zen-Buddhist calm which envelopes a man when he eschews such concepts as style, clothing which has been washed in the last decade, personal hygeine and fear of public ridicule to live out the rest of his days in bliss as a batshit crazy dedraggled old mong, isn't there?

Big Tuck ft. Fat B - Not A Stain On Me


louise said...

Imagine fucking that.
He'd be one of those men that'd cum after 2 minutes then cry on your shoulder till you have to make your excuses and leave.
That or he'd just rape you brutally down a dark alley.
Either way isn't extremely desirable.

Conroy said...

you would't even be able to find that guy's nipple of a cock amongst all that gut. The world is truely an unfair place, but as you say he's probably more happy at home with his colouring books and pet ferrets than we are with our evilous ways

louise said...

Exactly. Who needs friends when you have the own comforting smell of 4 weeks worth of unwashed flesh and daily mirror crosswords? Bless him, he probably asks his budgie what 4 down is.
Actually, I'd just report him for rape for the fuck of it. Get him out the house for a couple of days.

T said...

making fun of the homeless, mart

real classy