Monday 2 January 2023

My Mind Spray 6

R.I.P Gangsta Boo. The only rapper to outdo Project Pat with his own flow on his own song.

On one hand, Fortified Live is the best song Mos Def & Talib Kweli made together. On the other hand, guest rapper Mr. Man had the song's best line with "I cut ya ass in half and leave you with a semicolon."

If Ezale drops a new album, he should do a movie to accompany it. He's got the chutzpah and stuntman skills to do something more longform than music videos, and it could only be better than Andre Nickatina's Conversation With A Devil movie.

Messy Marv's Playin' Wit My Nose is one of those songs which was never a single but has basically become a single. So now it needs a fan-made video to cement its status as one of Marv's biggest songs.

Am I bugging or is the vocal sample used on D4M $loan's Swiper the same vocal sample used on Benetton by Kurious, MC Serch & DOOM?

Peeping the video for Kurious' latest single Come Back and he now looks more like an middle-aged scouser than a middle-aged boricua. Cool song, though, if you enjoy some old man Jorge From The Projects music.


Anonymous said...

The first line I remember from that song (which I loved) is "So we in your ass like you was Richard Gere and we was gerbils"

Looked up the lyrics and see that Mr Man dropped some of the most 'lyrical miracle' bars of all time, as is only right

"Ha... Yo, it's the super scientifical, high-powered prolifical
Lyrically a miracle, mentally I'm physical
Massively encryptical, verbally invincible"

- Corpsey

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

We should all aspire to be "Massively encryptical, verbally invincible" 🧐

L.A said...

Does sound like the same sample to me

Ben said...

A montage of people sniffing illicit substances up there nose would be a good fan made video for Playin Wit My Nose.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ben, exactly! Alternatively, I'm thinking of a montage of clips of Nic Cage chewing the scenery from Face/Off and Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans.

L.A, even if it is a different sample entirely, every time I listen to Swiper I invariably end up listening to Benetton shortly thereafter.

Spartan said...

😀 @ that Nickatina film ending.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

As far as endings go, it's not exactly Planet Of The Apes eh?

Spartan said...

Would have been nice if it offered a third act instead of just unexpectedly ending with a "please listen to my demo" comedy skit.

xanaxfantasia said...

all music videos need more face/off... idk if he ever actually used any but obv pastor troy was the rapper who best understood this lmao

RIP gangsta boo x1000, super bummed about her, also realizing i have not listened to enough 3 6 to be able to tell her and la chat apart just by their voices 🤦🏼‍♀️

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Thin & clean shaven Homeboy Sandman in the Waiting On My Girl video kinda looks like egghead villain Nick Cassavetes in Face/Off 😄