Tuesday 4 January 2022

A Banner year

You thought 2021 had been consigned to the attic to gather dust forever ever? Au contraire, mon square - there's still gems to discover and discuss; gems like my favourite Saweetie-core song thus far. That beat has had me rewinding this shit like what? Like a simp! So much current Rap is accidentally Cadillac On 22z inspired that it's a Saweet surprise to hear a Like A Pimp interpolation instead.

YRB NY - Replace Me
(From Replace Me single; 2021)

But why does a lass from San Francisco have NY in her name? It's a mystery, Scooby Doo. The only New York thing about this song is the puppet dance at 2:13 made famous by the Chicken Noodle Soup video.


Yohan said...

Yeah this is hot, I like it. She reminds me a bit of Flo Milli (based on how she puts bars together), but also of Monaleo's 2021 "Beating Down Yo Block" (which you're probably familiar with as I assume you've checked out Noz's best of 2021 list), which flips Yungstar's "Knocking Pictures Off Da Wall".

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I knew that Monaleo song anyway. It's cool but I'm a Knocking Pictures remix guy.

Anonymous said...

2021 was a shit vintage for rap music. 2020 was a great year and things were a lot worse then.

Smell Rell said...

Berner socks