Saturday 12 November 2016

Why couldn't God have taken 3D from Massive Attack instead of Mr. 3-2???

Chicken N Kalinka presents the best of Mr. 3-2 mix
(From YouTube; 2016)

Pray for Lil' Keke and Yungstar because the curse of the Screwed Up Click strikes yet again. R.I.P to the G.O.A.T bit-player of Houston rap. Kinda ironic that one of the rappers behind Illegal Aliens should get gunned down mere days after Donald Trump is elected president of 'Murica, though, innit? Pray for Big Mike and Phil Collins too.


Unknown said...

besides making great music 3-2's interviews were always funny as hell R.I.P.

Andrew Barber said...

"my sweet trick" is one of the best songs i've ever heard in my entire life

RIP to the wicked boodah baby

Anonymous said...

That mix is dope

Shonen_Knives said...

You absolute bigoted cunt !! I'd sooner have seen our sweet Lord take you. Go fuck yourself!!