Sunday 6 November 2016

Sometimes it beez that way, mami

Dunno too much about R&B meself, but even a savage like moi can recognise a 5/5 Tinashe jam when I hear it. In a perfect world Touch Pass would be one of the 3 biggest songs on the planet right now behind Spice's Indicator and Tink's Aquafina; in the real world Touch Pass is destined to be ruined by a guest appearance from either Schoolboy-Q or Bhris Brown.

Tinashe - Touch Pass
(From Tinashe's Nightride mixtape; 2016)

Can see why the rest of this new Tinashe project got released as a stocking-filler mixtape rather than her official sophomore album, tbh. Tinashe? More like Tinearshe amirite! Rumour has it ol' girl wanted Bobby Brackins to whip up some more magic with his songwriting pen but he was busy recording Daisy Duke's wedding theme for the next Dukes Of Hazzard franchise reboot.

Bobby Brackins - My Bride
(From To Live For EP; 2016)


Dank said...

Tinashe song is perfection

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That bridge at 2:51 is a Scary Movie orgasm.

James said...

Bobby Brackins song is different lol.

Zara said...

I have been waiting for Touch, Pass since she did live on her Joyride tour months ago.