Monday 28 November 2016

Tevas scared

WHC Whop Bezzy ft. Boosie - You Know I Ain't Scared (Remix)
(From You Know I Ain't Scared (Remix) single/Boosie's new 'tape; 2016)

The original wasn't one of my favourite songs from the WNC camp, but the You Know I Ain't Scared remix has been growin' on me like nasal hair. Whop's re-recorded vocals have more punch, Boosie touchin' down to cause Hell on a WNC track is so necessary, and more remixes should be truncated versions of the source material rather than elongated "everybody raps, b!" posse tracks. All in all, a nasty blast of restrained aggression, and the type of Mardi Gras murder-rap production Boosie really needs to be rappin' over in future.

Related: pity that Whop's Consequences didn't live up to its in-studio Instagram snippet.


Ray Garraty said...

I thought young 'ungs murdered Boosie on his new tape. It's nearly not as good as the previous from this year.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Another year passes and still there's no sign of this Foxx & Boosie track 😕