Wednesday 9 November 2016

Pull up like Rodney in ya baby momma's Honda

"N*ggas tellin' war stories, but I ain't impressed
I cut 'em off mid-sentence, tell 'em save they breath
You can't be gangsta overnight, you gotta take the steps
Instead of playin' the hand they dealt, they tryna shake the deck"

Young Devi D - Gangsta
(From Chess Not Checkers album; 2016)

On my soul, I'll always love when a mainstream pop song gets flipped into some mainey mob shit as Young Devi D did with Kat Dahlia's Gangsta here. On the real, Pimpin' Curly must be an icon in Kansas City because every gangsta-rapper from K.C always claims they've got their enemy's baby mommas on the payroll.

Oi Rey - did Devi get locked up again or did he just decide to abandon all his social media accounts at the same damn time? Damn shame if it's the former because dooooooooood's music contains multitudes.


Anonymous said...

Thought this was gonna be a OFAH post.

Amor de Rey said...

Hmm. I hadn't noticed until now (just figured he wasn't that live on social medias)

You may be on to something. One would expect him to crank out a couple more videos. He's got the jams for it.

Free Deviossi, perhaps.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Definitely need videos for this one, Fallin' and Ain't No Question.

Anonymous said...

Im feelin him, but he also kinda reminds me of Sonniebo, tho.