Tuesday 15 November 2016

Kudos to whoever uploaded the 2016 mix of Egyptian Lover's Kinky Nation (Kingdom Kum) to YouTube

Egyptian Lover - Kinky Nation (Kingdom Kum) [808 Mix]
(From 1983 - 1988 anthology 2xCD; 2016)

"Kinky Nation was a good song but I never truly loved it because I used a different drum machine. So for this project I went back into the studio and replaced the drums with an 808 and now I am happy with it."
- Greg "Egyptian Lover" Broussard, 2016.

30 years on from 1986, an aiiight filler track from Egyptian Lover's One Track Mind LP now has more bump 'n' grind than Liz Taylor & Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra. Conclusive proof that an artist tinkering with their old work occasionally yields good results.

Also a pertinent reminder of when sex-raps left certain details to the imagination since this is now the era of "dick so big it's like a foot is in your mouth", "I'm 18 but I got a tight pussy like I'm 8", "put that dick up in her like an enema" and so on. Somehow the rap game reminds me of a dodgy '70s Color Climax smut movie, and I'm like ‘come back, Nas, all is forgiven!’


Ruben said...

Still got mental scars from a Color Climax video my friend's dad had.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's ya boy Bo Deal Joensen!

James said...

Tiny Tove Lo

Yeldarb said...