Friday 24 August 2012

A Grand Puba compilation 4 u

Yet another Grand Puba post when we promised we were done with him for 2012? C'mon now, ya thought we farted when we shitted because the Martorialist crew do more for our people than wicka-welfare, thus we hooked up with the two hicks from the A Little Of This video and hammered out a compilation of our favourite Grand Puba joints and guest appearances that were released/or didn't see the light of day until last decade.

This is in chronological order, so we have unreleased Brand Nubian demos from the late 80s which finally surfaced on that Now Rule Files EP (2009) and Foundation-era shelved Brand Nubian songs from the late 90s which finally got a release on their Time's Runnin' Out odds 'n' sods album (2007), tracks from his Understand This (2001) and Retroactive (2009) solo albums, a classic 12" only Pete Rock remix (2002), joints from Brand Nubian's official Fire In The Hole album (2004), a rare compilation cut (2007), and even a couple of guest appearances from the original version of Cormega's Fresh posse cut (2008) which Jack The Snipper edited PMD and KRS out of, and Saigon's Who Can Get Busy Like This Man (2009) which Puba doesn't technically Rap on but still steals due to his hook and outro shout-outs :

~ Grand Puba - 2001 : A Skinz Odyssey ~

1. Brand Nubian - I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
2. Brand Nubian ft. Pete Rock - How Ya Livin'
3. Brand Nubian - Somebody Told A Lie
4. Brand Nubian - Brand Nu Hustle
5. Grand Puba - Up And Down
6. Grand Puba - Issues Pete Rock remix
7. Brand Nubian - Momma
8. Brand Nubian - Coming Years
9. Grand Puba - Let's Go
10. Cormega ft. DJ Red Alert, Grand Puba & Big Daddy Kane - Fresh (Martorialist edit)
11. Grand Puba ft. Tiffini Davies - It Is What It Is
12. Grand Puba ft. Q-Tip - Good To Go
13. Saigon ft. Grand Puba - Who Can Get Busy Like This Man?


In case you're wondering why there's no Bread And Butter, it's because everybody knows that already. Also, if you missed it last year here's a triple-threat of Puba's best Reel To Reel B sides.


step one said...

programmed to slam in the summer spring and fall

(fun fact: I got my name from practicing scratching with the "step one...step two" bit on the acapella of I Like It)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

DJ Step one who makes their stinkbox wet.

Dan Greenpeace said...



Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Remix 4eva!

Flush that original version from history.

Mr Bozack said...

best puba lyric? "make em happy, like a faggot with a bag of dicks"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The entire 4 minutes of Step To The Rear.

SunnyMeadowz said...

I never thought anyone loved Puba's work as much as me! I feel like an orphan who has finally found a pack of wolves to raise him right.

Ray Garraty said...

Another re-up request. Sorry for the bother.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's no problem, man.

Re-upped. Click the link in the post.