Sunday 19 August 2012

Mouse drop the track that'll make you say "eh, what was that?"

With the mysteries of Electric Relaxation's hook and French Montana's slurred "fanute" lyric now solved, the most puzzling "WTF does he say exactly?" moment in this Rap shit surely has to be Mouse On Tha Track's production tag. I've always heard it as "Mouse drop the track that'll make ya bus' and act", but my buddy Chemical Alan swears its "Mouse drop the track that'll make ya pussy pack" and t'internet insists that its actually "Mouse drop the track that'll make ya bounce it back". Which is it? Judge for all yourselves by listening to the song Mouse's famed line originally appears on at precisely 2:54:

"See, Mouse drop the track that'll make ya ______________
And I done popped a pill and sniffed a powder pack"

Handy ft. Mouse & Webbie - Cut The Lights On
(From Rap Hustlin' album; 2005)

Killed in a 2004 road accident before his debut album Rap Hustlin' could hit stores, Handy was a traditional Louisiana henchman-Rapper in the vein of B.G. or Beelow, and his aforementioned posthumous debut album is noteworthy for being almost entirely produced by Mouse, and for featuring cameos Webbie, Young Bleed, and Turk from the Hot Boy$. In the cruelest twist of irony imaginable, Handy's best song is a track with Webbie and Box which didn't even appear on his album, but which does outdo Little Bruce at his own game.

"I taught my baby tricks and n*ggas act like it's so shockin'
On sunday they was jockin' 'cause my trunk was pop-lockin'"

Handy ft. Box & Webbie - Mobbin' In Them Old Schools
(From S.C.C & Lil' Boosie's Both Sides Of The Track compilation; 2004)


Boothe said...

Bounce and act?

The Electric Relaxation thing always blew my mind. Was clear as day to me when I first heard it.

Wasn't until the internetz that I discovered the confusion.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Hmmmm. "Bounce and act" sounds very plausible. Were you born with the eardrums of one of those special Japanese dogs that can decipher sounds no other animals car hear, Boothe?

money dont jiggle, jiggle said...

"floss and act?" Boothe you a fictional fairy tale ass dude.

Never even heard of this Handy dude, nice one. The Pimp C organs on the Mobbin tune are motivating me to retake the drivers test and maybe even study first this time.

James said...

I don't hear the word bounce at all. It sounds like bust or floss.

bima said...

"see mouse drop da track dat will make u pour some ac (actavis)"

DJ HaKa said...

See mouse drop ah track, that’ll make you cook like that/tat!(like ratatouille the mouse)

See mouse drop ah track, that’ll make you fuck her back