Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lil B - the Criterion Collection # 2

Lil B has yet to opine that wenches of questionable morality are swinging on his winky due to the uncanny physical resemblance he shares with David Bowie's Jareth The Goblin King character in Labyrinth, but if he's not going to take my advice on quoting Based God-friendly Klaus Kinski lines from Aguirre, The Wrath Of God or rapping over its ethereal Popol Vuh soundtrack, then may I suggest he uses 2011 to further indulge his blowjob fixation by referring to himself as The Gobbling King when propositioning damsels with requests for fellatio in his songs from now on instead.

The first installment of Lil B's Criterion Collection where I tried to round up all of his songs which had received video treatment into an open-ended post of Youtube videos is now officially closed for business because I could watch the full director's cuts of Once Upon A Time In America AND The Thin Red Line in the time it takes me to scroll down to the bottom of the page when editing it to add his latest vids. But because I feel that B is basically me in the body of a 21 year old black dude (though, his culinary skills are clearly far superior to mine since the last chicken stir-fry I made caused untold havoc with my gastrointestinal tract) here's a follow-up post which'll act as a frame for all his viral singles in 2011. If nothing else, the original post is an incredibly useful device when trying to convince doubters about the charms of Brandon and that in B's catalogue there really is a song for every situation and everyone, so here's hoping this one'll serve the same purpose :

Lil B - Bonafied Hustler

Lil B - Exhibit Based

Lil B - I Cook

Lil B - My History

Lil B - Dr Phil

Lil B - Exhibit 6

Lil B - Motivation

Lil B - The Growth

Lil B - I Still Can't Sleep


hl said...

" B's catalogue there really is a song for every situation..."


Ha! It's true. That's how I know when people say he only talks about being a lesbian I know they haven't made a real effort to listen to dude's music.

done said...


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I really hope he shot a video for New York Subway when he was out in N.Y last week.

done said...

the based god taking a cardboard cutout of monica lewinskey around town would make a good "im bill clinton" vid i think.

i wouldnt be surprised if he filmed a bunch of videos during that trip

Thomas said...

That David Bowie Lil B picture made me quite literally laugh out loud.

Based Windu said...

Just listening to 6 Kiss and I remembered your criterion collections. Will there be a part 3 - in other words, is Lil B still doing stuff worth listening to?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I pretty much stopped checking for Lil B in 2011 after he started going Gucci by releasing mixtape after mixtape after mixtape in quick succession.

A part 3 would just consist of the No Black Person Is Ugly video.

Pleasant Slag said...

Mixtapes are always too long and too numerous, got me feeling like Conan pushing the Wheel of Pain whenever I load them into my phone.