Monday, 24 January 2011

Beef Curtains

Curtains' Unsigned Hype feature from The Source spotted on and shamelessly jacked from RealN*ggaTumblr's Twitter page :

Ayo RNT - since you and Curtains apparently go way back, you got any of those demo joints mentioned in this you could maybe upload? I remember reading that but I didn't come across any of his music until 2006 with the Know The Ledge remake plus them 12" cuts like That's What It Is and It's The Shoes, and I've never been able to find any of his earlier stuff besides the 12" with his flip of Chuck D & Sister Souljah's Buck Whylin' from the first Terminator X album on the B. side. Speaking of which, I might as well wheel out That's How It Is and It's The Shoes again, since the last time I posted these was back in 2008 when this blog had as many readers as The Source has nowadays.

Curtains - That's What It Is (2006)

It wasn't until I read a Curtains interview last year talkin' about how Trap Or Die and Thug Motivation 101 were some of his favourite releases of the last decade that I cottened on to his ad libs on here being pure Jeezy. Love this joint, though, because it has the feel of a noughties version of one of those Big Daddy Kane or Big Scoob cuts which Easy Mo Bee did like The Beef Is On or N*ggaz Can't Hang.

Curtains - It's The Shoes (2006)

Possibly the song which best captures the kicks game at it apex of ridiculousness in 2006. Pretty weird how the rappers who made the most notable sneaker-related tracks back in 2005 and 2006 like Curtains, Soulja Boy, Lil B, and Big Krit went on become darlings of the 'net, huh?

I finally need to learn how to rip my wax in 2011 so I can upload BuckWillin' which still doesn't appear to have popped up on the internet. That displays the more cognizant side of Curtains, and when he's on form he reminds me of a young Grand Puba because he can pull off the ol' Step To The Rear-to-Wake Up trick of flitting between flagrant braggin' jams like Exodus and conscious records like Black Folks with relative ease.



all those tracks you're mentioning were on this mixtape

it got lost on my hard drive though and since it has the same title as his other mixtape that was by far more popular its makes it ungoogleable

i'll ask him about it and see if i can get that


BTW that quote mentioned in the article is insane by a 17 year old's standards nowadays.

One thing that always caught my attention was how Curtains dress game is not parallel to his rhyme style. You'd expect him to be on some real hipster shit. Even his voice doesn't match his appearance.

The Great Gats, B said...

Yeah, expecting him to sound like Shelton Benjamin, when he really has that Booker T or New Jack from ECW swag.

Thanks. I'd love to hear that early shit.

Really wish the 2 joints he appears on on the Heatmakerz album were solo cuts.