Saturday, 15 January 2011

Martorial elegance # 42 : N.O edition

Ayo Fiend : either Percy Miller needs to explain to you that basketball and tennis are entirely seperate sports, or you need to fire your current graphic designer and hit up Pen N' Pixel again (the gawd Shawn Brauch would've never let such a blatant faux-pas slip past) because a Jordan Spizike doesn't count as a "tenniShoe", bruv :

Okay, so the Luvin' Life track with Curren$y off this new Fiend 'tape continues their so-far stellar partnership (though Fiend needs to stop allowing $pitta's weedcarriers like Trademark Da Skydiver on his releases, because that guy is a plague on Curren$y songs let alone anywhere else), James Bond Benz lives up to its title even though it doesn't feature enough rapping for my liking, and Absolutely makes him sound like he's in the process of assimilating into a cyborg like Quik did on Jupiter's Critic And The Mind Of Mars (hoes on our dicks 'cause we feel like Maria in Metropolis?), but I remain stuck on the previously leaked Cross The Atlantic because it has that grandiose feel of the J.U.S.T.I.C.E League productions for Rawse which are instantly vitiated for me the moment he starts rhyming on them, and because I enjoy when people rap over full songs a la the 2 Curren$y & Fiend Menahan Street Band songs from last year, Ice-T's Soul On Ice, or Holla and No, No, No by Ghostface :

Fiend - Cross The Atlantic

Speaking of Curren$y, a few words on his Frost freestyle over Young Dro's Freeze Me from the otherwise relatively mediocre Return To The Winner's Circle mixtape :

Curren$y - Frost freestyle

As someone whose entry-point for $pitta was Reagan Era in 2008 (I thought he sounded like Kweli-ized Lupe-lite sap on most of the Ca$h Money-era material I'd heard) who then became a firm believer with Scared Of Monstas in 2009, I'd like him to rap onsome more southern sounding synth production again in 2011. Partially because it's on beats like this where he can have the most fun with his flow by letting his intricate rhyme-patterns do the Dougie, the Harlem-Shake, and the Peewee Herman, but mainly because it might finally stop some of these twerps out here calling him a weed-rapper and comparing him to Devin when Big Boi, Fiend, Young Bleed, Posdnuos, Q. Tip, and Camp Lo are all better reference points. Really not sure about that "listenin' to Dizzee Rascal" line in this, though. Ayo Curren$y - FYI, black ppl abandoned Dizzee Rascal entirely when he dropped this


done said...

great call on the currensy influences, particularly posdnuos and young bleed, i can see it in that attention to detail, structuring of his bars and the layed back, sleepy flow.

i really need to give fiend a proper chance, i like him but im yet to become a full believer

hl said...

"I enjoy when people rap over full songs"


Me too!!! I'd love to see Ghost, Cam, or Fiend try to do this over an entire project.

dv said...

Didn't care for is Rainy Dayz freestyle I gather?

Mo' Codenames said...

Not really, no, because it just inspired me to listen to the original as most freestyles over classic shit do.

HL, there was a Rae song from maybe 2005 where he rapped over full song too but I've only got vague recollections of it. You remember that?

You definately need to check the old Fiend shit on No Limit, Done.

done said...

man thanks for reccomending am i black enough for you?, its fucking deadly, eveey songs unbelievable. the way he shoe-horns in all the "black" shit yet just talks about himself anyways is genius, like education of a black man is basically just a brag rap with the occasional "brother" and "black" thrown in.
i love the skits too

iv been jammin pussy aint nothin (best chorus ever!) and black jesus all day.

id heard of saturday nite and a bunch of obscure shit too from the same era but how come no one talks about this album? after only a couple listens its already up there with road to the riches and fear of a black planet for me.

The Great Gats, B said...

Yeah, I'm not sure why it gets slept on.

Gangster Boogie and Livin' In The Jungle are also both amazing.

Thomas said...

As a kid whose two best friends in 6th grade had No Limit tank chains and would walk around letting out Master P style 'UGGHHH's' it warms my heart to see that Fiend has a career still and Silkk the Shocker's new mixtape got largely ignored because I always hated that guy and his verse on "Make 'Em Say Ugh" was so unintelligible it upset me.

The Great Gats, B said...

No Limit tank chains in the 6th grade? Ballin'.