Saturday, 8 January 2011

More sax please, we're British

Usually, I don't see any point in just re-posting new songs which've already appeared on every other rap blog under the sun before we've even woken up in the UK, but this new Yelawolf track featuring Trae which popped up last night when I was clockin' zzz's is such a perfect pairing of rappers who've mastered the art of the rapid-fire flow which doesn't grate on your nerves after a couple of songs in a row ('sup, Twista) over the most amourous saxophone I've heard since, well, only last month with Curren$y's Famous and Murda by DB Tha General, that it's hard to resist a quick head's up post :

Yelawolf ft. Trae - Shit I've Seen (2011)

Hopefully they don't shoot a video for this, because seeing Yelawolf prancing around with his bi-hawk and shitty tattoos in the You Ain't No D.J promo almost ruined the song for me.

What's the deal with Trae and Z-Ro these days, anyway? They still beefing or are they on amicable terms again? Even if they are at each other's throats still it doesn't really matter because you'd have never known that 2nd A.B.N It Is What It Is album from a few years back was a pieced-together-by-J-Prince-and-Mr-Lee-job for two kin rappers who'd fallen out. Just a pity the o.g Miss My Dawgs got nixed due to the enemy every rapper should fear the most : sample clearance.

A.B.N - Miss My Dawgs (2008)


hl said...

That animated gif is beyond disturbing.

done said...

yeah i cant even watch the no dj video, hardest beat iv heard in a while tho, along with that paul wall and hus song that has the making of clip on youtube.

i dont understand why hardly anyone uses them wailing synths anymore. like with g-sider off starshipz and rockets or that song off jacka's street album which i kinda suspect sampled that great unreleased kanye beat from fade to black cos it always seemed mixed funny to me.

Mo' Codenames said...

I can't even remember anything from Fade To Black other than the Just Blaze and Timbaland scenes.

Matthew said...

I hate to ruin a good pun but that's a trumpet or a flugelhorn, not a sax.

It's okay, Greg Nice couldn't tell the difference either.

The Great Gats, B said...