Thursday, 30 July 2009

Reasons why i love Youtube part 3

'Cause you can get Pilates instruction videos for free, whereas 6 or so years ago in those pre-Youtube days when we lived on bread, water and fading memories, you'd have had to shell out about £13 for a dvd narrated by Gwyneth Paltrow or suffer the embarrassment of joining a Pilates class.

Apparently Steven Seagal does Pilates and believes it to be the best method to beat stubborn belly fat and tone them abs up. Swear down he did as i read it in one of the men's health mags from Holland & Barrett. Good enough for Nico, good enough for you and me.

Really doe, this was intended to be a post on how Youtube is worthy of me constructing a bustling metropolis on its clit due to any old tv show you may happen to reminisce on during lunchtime drinks being on there in full grainy old VHS tape glory, with tonight's example being the episode of Ric Flair's old WCW spin-off chatfest Flair For The Gold where Ric and his faux-French maid Fifi had Vader and Harley Race on, but Youtube can get the bozack this evening as the clip has suspiciously vanished from its archive so a link had to be hastily gaffled from DailyMotion instead :

The one area where sites like Youtube and DailyMotion occasionally fail is when the old clips aren't quite as you remembered them. In this episode, for instance, i'd gotten it into my head that after Fifi had confirmed Ric as The Man to the inquiring Big Van Vader, that Vader went apeshit, smashed up the coffee table and stood there taunting Flair before the silver mulleted gawd cooly pwned Vader by smugly informing him that his Italian suit was bought for a price which exceeded what Vader paid for his home. Unfortunately, as the clip shows, thangs didn't quite happen that way.

Bonus Nature Boy permeated beats :

Here's T.I & UGK's Front Back Which contains the scenes where T.I does the Nature Boy walk which led to Flair suing T.I. Not only was this the best single from King (What You Know was more overrated than John Terry or Dunks or The Shawshank Redemption or Sushi or Bob Dylan) but it was also better than the UGK original :

T.I & UGK - Front Back


brad said...

i remember when steve austin and brian pillman did flair to the old takin' the piss out of flair

James said...

John Terry is class

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

When he has/had Carvalho along side him, yes. When he doesn't, not so much.