Sunday, 26 July 2009

Martorial elegance # 26

As Barratt says when he mailed me this picture, it's a prerequisite for crap housewarming parties that some fuckwit produces acoustic guitar at some point.

For proof that great minds think alike, I refer you to this pearl of wisdom from a Fabolous freestyle :

You wanna sing like a parrot do?/
then dem boyz gonna do ya head like Jeff Jarrett do


Boothe (All Things) said...


Homegirl in the picture is like "another song?" *sigh*

2SHIN said...

Looks like he'd be the type of dude to play Beatles/Oasis songs.

Fuck these guys.

MF said...

Yeah, Wonderwall and whatever the Royle Family theme is called are the 2 main standards for these cunts.


dj said...

Come As You Are is the song for guys who can't play guitar. And then there's that fucking Green Day one, Time Of Your Life is it?

MF said...

Oh god, yeah.

Which tournament was it the BBC used that on when England got knocked out again? '98 world cup?

dj said...

I dunno, I was getting unseasonably drunk in the picturesque Greek fishing village of Napflion during the 98 World Cup. Sounds about right though.

2002 they used Stop Crying Your Heart Out. I remember that, although the game is less memorable due to pills. University was great.