Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 11

This is Maurice. Maurice is a friend of Sha Deezy's dad Metin and is someone who Sha Deezy and I have shared the company of when sinking a few drinks on numerous occasions.

Maurice had a behemoth heartattack a couple of weeks ago and got his Nikki Sixx on when he died for a few minutes before coming back to life. During those crucial couple of minutes when he flatlined he saw stuff. Stuff that, now he's on the mend, he's managed to sketch down. Post-death dream full of cliched iconography caused by lax of oxygen to the brain or genuine glimpse into the afterlife? You decide :

Although Maurice may have first hand experience of death and the possibility of what, if anything, comes after the human heart goes bump for the last time, here at The Martorialist we prefer to pour over this scene from Abel Ferrara's '96 mob chef-d'oeuvre (and dry-run for many a Sopranos actor) The Funeral for all our thoughts on theology and hold it to task for inspiring our own inability to take responsibility or blame for even the most mundane of errors.

Witness Jean Tempio (Annabella Sciorra, looking not quite as hot as she did as Gloria in The Sopranos) tell Ray Tempio (Christopher Walken) he'll more than likely burn in hell for avenging his brother Johnny's (Vince Gallo) death and Ray replying that he eschews all accountability for his actions as he blames them on god since nothing, according to "them Catholic scholars", happens without the god's permission :

I'm ashamed of nothin', I didn't make the world!

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2SHIN said...

Christopher Walken is the GOAT.