Friday 17 March 2023

Street Smartz

"Almost anything you wanna know, you can talk to me
But if you wanna see it... walk wit me"

DA Smart - Walk Wit Me
(From Walk Wit Me CD single; 1997/YouTube; 2011)

Hat tip to Mic Terror for hippin' me to this Chicago classic. Essentially, it's a walk-thru tour guide of Chi-Town's roughest neighbourhoods with production by Legendary Traxster. The devils are in the details here, so this is a very vivid song for outsiders which was/is probably very useful to hometowners. Evidently Walk Wit Me still rings bells as a Danger Zones For Dummies audio-manual since the song dropped in 1997, got blessed with a video in 2011, and now sits at a couple of million views.

DA Smart - possibly the O.G Mr. Chi City, definitely the only husky Chicago blk guy who kinda sounds like Yelawolf.


Anonymous said...

I’m quite sure I shared this with you at some point — I only know jiggs&cheeks in the first place bc “North Pole anthem” was a response track! —David

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I've definitely never heard this one before.

David said...

Here I am introducing it to you in 2015:

Andrew Barber said...

most random DA Smart moment was when he appeared on the One Million Strong Soundtrack single alongside Chuck D, Ice T, Mobb Deep, Smooth B, Ice Cube, Kam and a few others...

Salute DA Smart!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Drew, what a random line up!

David, what did I say about it?