Tuesday 14 March 2023

Sustaaas are doin' it for themselves

"Me don't speak no English to detectives so don't ask me
I ain't seen or heard shit - ain't no egg, you can't crack me"

Day Day Sustaaa - Hit They Block
(From Hit They Block; 2023)

Another slab of Baton Rouge granite from Day Day Sustaaa. In Day Day's Bayou tapestry, Hit They Block is too short to work as a proper single so it jams hardest if you use it as the B-side to Get Somebody Else To Do It.

Yay: a reference to Phat Baby's Proper Play (FWS).

Nay: wearing KanYe Pest's ugly shoes in 2023.


Smell Rell said...

Electric go-karts are the shit

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Better than electric scooters tho?

sisilafami said...

i love this

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

**Kurtis Blow voice** SO DAMN TOUGH!

Anonymous said...

This is fire