Monday, 28 October 2019

S/O to Giggs

If you're talkin' The Hardest™ then A-Mafia better pop up in your thoughts as an artist. And if you're talkin' The Martorialist then plz refer to our A-Mafia playlist on Audiomack. Here was ya host thinking that the G.O.A.T Harlem henchman Rapper was done & dusted after he got pinched for beak distribution earlier this year, but he's back like he never left to leave your speakers covered in red like a portion of chips.

"I'm just riding alone
In the armrest is where I'm hiding my chrome
I gotta lotta shit goin' on inside of my dome
Don't even feel safe when I'm inside of my home"

A-Mafia - Riding Alone
(From YouTube; 2019)

Bonus beats: Riding Alone is this Maferf*cker's first song since My Boy 4 years ago.

"I'm the 40th don with the gaudiest charm
Balled so hard in the streets n*ggas called me Lebron
Beef is surely upon, read my story in psalm
Kidnap your brother, your sister, your shorty, your moms"

A-Mafia - My Boy
(From YouTube; 2015)


Smell Rell said...

His Lacoste sweatsuit is fresh.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

"Real bosses don't talk, we got mental telepathy"

Ben said...

That mental telepathy line was cold.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Galaxy Brain Mafia.

I dig his Lacoste sweatsuit too, but not with Timbs. Athleisurewear and work boots is a #LifestyleSynergy violation.