Wednesday 23 October 2019

Comme Detroit Garçons

"And I might just scam you, bro
Put a shell in his back - Michelangelo"

BandGang Lonnie Bands ft. ShittyBoyz - Simba
(From YouTube; 2019)

Via Ray Garraty. For a song that only lasts 2 and a half minutes, this track sure slaps with a lorra lorra synergy and packs a lorra lorra punchlines from the 4 lads involved. Now that's what I call Maximi-zing! More impressively, it even justifies the existence of Comme des Garçons' corny diffusion line with ShittyBoy BabyTron's "Play hoody on the only time that my heart gon' show" line. Perfect **Mic Drop** moment to end the song or wot?

Not quite my fave Detroit song of the month, mind. That'd be Sada Baby's 2k19 equivalent of LLYGMISTA innit.

"Choppa and a Glock the size of Andy Milanokas, n*gga
I sip lots of Wakie and my pockets got that gwop up in 'em
I dont f*ck with thots most of them blocked after my cock up in 'em
It's a buncha snakes up on your squad, how is you rockin with 'em?"

Sada Baby - Lame
(From YouTube; 2019)


Ray Garraty said...

Almost perfect click song. A couple of years ago Shittyboyz would be happy to jump on any Lonnie's song. But now it's vice versa.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

"I ain't talkin' biceps when I say the guns out"

D said...

"bitch caught me cheating but she know that she stuck w me"