Friday 4 October 2019

Fun fun fun on the Cairo Autobahn

The Egyptian Lover - 5¢ Camel Ride (Long Version)
(From Beyond The Galaxy EP; 2019)

Ya host asked for an extended version of that killer interlude from Egyptian Lover's 2018 LP, and lo and behold here it is. Initially balked at the notion of an 8 minute instrumental until remembering that Lover Boi has form for showing his arse on extended 808 epics. In fact, 8 minutes is the ideal length because this is driving music to peel off on the tar in your cosmic car, fuck around and get your driver's licence from Mars.

Ancient Egyptians actually had flying cars, y'know. It's true - I heard it in a Ras Kass song.

1 comment:

Jesse said...

I want to ride in a pharaohri.