Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Boss & The Nonce (no Rick Ross & World Ultimate)

* You can enjoy this video without feeling a sliver of guilt because serial-pederast Michael "Mars Bar" Jackson probably hadn't bummed any children at this point. Similarly, you can still slap the Jackson 5's cover of I'll Bet You and the whole Off The Wall album for the same reason.

* The 2nd best Diana Ross live video after the Muppet Show performance of Love Hangover or wot? Old gal describes herself as "a tunnel for others with talent to move through me" in this clip, but she's more of a conduit for the joy that music can bring innit.

* It's apt that Bananarama were the biggest girl-group since The Supremes because neither trio could dance for toffee. Thing is, it doesn't even matter that Diana cuts a rug with all the grace of your aunty Liz when Boney M's Rivers Of Babylon comes on the pub jukebox, because she oozes class.

* Alas, Upside Down does not lend itself to Vaporwave as well as It's Your Move did.

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L.A said...

The band cut off when it looks like Michael is gonna steal her thunder lol