Friday, 2 March 2018

Now I can talk MY shit

Unpopular opinion: Valee's much-heralded verse on Two 16's was impressive from a theatrical standpoint on the breath control tip, but not particularly enjoyable from a musical standpoint because it was a blatant act of attention-hogging on someone else's song and a waste of all the little melodic tricks Valee has up the sleeves of his Adidas tracksuits. Juice & Gin here is the song Two 16's would have been if Valee had complimented ZMoney's verse rather than just dropping a breezeblock of words on there with no regards for the rest of the track.

Valee - Juice & Gin
(From GOOD Job, You Found Me EP; 2018)

Really doe, ya host just hopes Seen Her Before doesn't end up being an outlier in Valee's catalogue because Makonnentosh Plus is a song-style which needs to blossom into a full-blown sound. Once more for doz that slept:

Valee - Seen Her Before
(From 1988 mixtape; 2017)


GGGGG said...

Relieved there is no Big Sean on this Valee ep

Si Mane Price said...

Or Desiigner cameos or orchestral-trap modern Mike Dean production

d said...

V cool Shells on it, ppl ditch songs more than a week old for their big releases now its annoying. Even the song w Pusha T he goes last so its p easy to cut off.

Ive been within earshot of degenerates like Travis Scott etc I need to give all that shite a proper listen if only cos I feel like rap that big soundings harder n harder to come by. Mike deserves that much imo.

Ray Garraty said...

In those suits Valee's now the most fancy looking lad.

Joseph Miller said...

saw a tweet that said Valee raps like an old timey tiptoeing burglar and that is so spot on lol.