Friday, 9 March 2018

"I been slappin' all my life, you been slappin' for a month"

"I'm ridin' round town, bitch, I gotta keep it trill
Wakin' bitches up with the speakers in the grill
Even if you deaf I bet a n*gga can feel
'Cause the rear view mirror shakin' like it got the chills"

Ghost8800 - Sonic Boom (video mix)
(From YouTube; 2012)

Ain't gon' lie, ya host had never heard this revamped mix of Ghost8800's MySpace staple Sonic Boom until what would have been his birfday today. Same Gas as the O.G version but with at least 50% more crispy pop in its trunk. Song's been slappin' since last decade, but I'd never blapped it like this until tonight.


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rymsnitch said...

Fun find.

But maaaan, Gas by DB tha general, shit is a bay classic along and most of the tracks from welcome to the navy are among the best from that era in the bay. Sometimes I just sit and think about what would've happened if DB had stayed bringing that OG Loc from san andreas energy.

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