Thursday, 15 March 2018

IDGAF: The Next Level

"I don't give a fuck, diggin' in her motherfuckin' purse
Diggin' in her purse like she dead in a hearse
I don't give a fuck like Herschel
I don't give a fuck, we gonna tear down Marshalls"

Rich Blue - Hands Hands
(From YouTube; 2018)

Shout out to Chris Parker, we in this bitch! The missing link between Bass and Based or wot? To paraphrase an infamous mixtape ad-lib by DJ Kay Slay, ONLY DETROIT COULDA DONE THIS, YO!!!

"Read the bible, it say don't with Rich Blue, told you don't fuck with me too
Read the commandments, it said don't fuck with Rich Blue, I swear that's number 52!"


MP45 said...

realised for the first time that tag team sampled kano...there's a devin track that used the sample which is pretty good

Si Mane Price said...

Which Devin track?

Anonymous said...


MP45 said...

this one
on a cheap 12" as well

Si Mane Price said...

Oh yeah, the last song on that album.