Friday 16 February 2018


"N*gga wanna show his ass like a baboon
Now he's a hashtag, now he's a tattoo
Now his bitch's ass on my dick in the bathroom
Wanna be a class coon? You get ate like fast food
You won't walk, you gon' crawl away like a raccoon
Hands in the air like a statue, I will shoot you in a classroom
See through you like a glassroom, I have nothing to ask you"

Tay-K - After You
(From t'internet; 2018)

Hate to be one of those Ken Kaniff bloggas postin' songs by child gangbanger rappers with murder charges, but ya host finds it difficult to resist the dubious charms of this new Tay-K track in much the same way that I couldn't front on The Race. Shorty lemme tell you about my only vice, it's got to do with music by #problematic rappers and it ain't nothin' nice.


d said...

nos seen you post much Kodak, howd you feel bout the man right chea of the moment. hes the most consistent rapper out imo

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I like Kodak when he raps over good production... which isn't that often


Wish he'd rap over more beats like Lockjaw.

Anonymous said...

i think London on da Track gave him some good production last year

David said...

my issue w kodak is it feels like theres no editing or shaping of his projects, is just just one 17 track behemoth after another with little regard for concept or execution