Friday 2 February 2018

Louisiana trombones and tuba alert!

This one sounds hella promising: 5th Ward Weebie does a Diddy and records himself Louisiana's answer to Get Off? Swear down, I'm flying to New Orleans to dish out Chinese burns if Weebie makes like Ya Boy Big Choo and just teases this song endlessly on Instagram for a year without dropping it. This ain't a game, gawd!

... and just like that, it drops. Not the Get Off ya host imagined, more another Whatcha Workin It Fa innit. Fresh 4 the 2018 Magnolia Projects Mardi Gras parade, you suckaz:

5th Ward Weebie ft. Wild Wayne & Trombone Shorty - Drop It How Ya Feel It
(From Soundcloud; 2018)

Word around uptown, Wild Wayne is gonna call in Louis Theroux for the official Drop It How Ya Feel It remix. "My currency doesn't jiggle-jiggle, it's crypto/I start shit off like Ziggly Wiggly fo sho!"


GGGGGG said...

Rusty Trombone Shorty

L.A said...

Riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it

THE GUY said...