Thursday 22 February 2018


"Yo, I'm tryin' to be swollen, but right now I ain't holdin'
Hit the lah, told them everything I own is stolen
Picture that like Brando gave up half he saved up
Play the cut when dollar eye signs tricks is raised up
I'm the cheapest, and thats the only way I'm gonna keep this
Slice I wanna heat this, girls is trying to eat this
They think we should date, but still won't appreciate
Neither help with the rate, or you order a decent plate"

Sporty Thievz - Cheapskate (You Ain't Gettin' Nada)
(From Street Cinema album; 1998)

Like Ultimate Force's I'm Not Playing, this is another single from the official Martorialist canon that ya host never knew was blessed with a video until recently. If you've never made a playlist with Cheapskate next to Horse And Carriage then your Jiggy-era expert credentials are small like Einer Bankz' guitar.

File this one under ‘underrated Ski beatz’ innit.


GGGGG said...


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

"Left her on Dyckman, hitchhiking, hoping her fingers get striked by lightning"

L.A said...

Didn't know these guys were around before "No Pigeons"


Andrew Barber said...

if you haven't heard Sport Thievz espionage thriller "Spy Hunter" you haven't lived yet

classic late 90s nyc ridiculousness


"(Marlon Brando)
We in the Phillipines, on death row, about to face guillotines
My crew lace marines, stick over and make realer teams
So yo, say hello to my li'l friend, wanna play?
OK! feel ten thru your steel, man
Yo we come together like foreign lea-ders
Livin large in Argen-tina, camouflaged in Kor-ea
In the bushes where they can't see-us
Spin astro 16 silence-face screw ons
Mission impossible, merge em to the Persians
With 2 Glocks to my head, enuff cream to flip the script
Got niggas watchin the Feds, twenty ultra-red
Beams comin through my window, tear-gas bleak up my glass
The smoke blew the crib-bo, the coke moves are ditto
Layin blue in Beirut, sneak-in weed-in Swe-den
Shook the D's in Peru, like a crooked Batman
With no partner but still (robbing/Robin)
Trails be mind-bogglin, leave the D's followin
My front man, I be the big man behind the front man
Front man got knocked? Big man still be the trump man
Mix six crews and their glues, skully low smokin ni-ckles
Runnin' up in cold blocks with ic-icles, spray the trey-nickle
Guaranteed to hit you, if I miss you
Bullets will probably ricochet and nip you
And fall like the Berlin wall
Hang 'em off ??the terror spies?? lets make a ball
Crooked navy seals with flak-on, sniffin, getting they crack on
I managed to mack on enough oil to put Iraq on, stapped the gats on
For this spy-war, coke lab, helicopter roof, and a cy-borg"

noz said...

man this was a true the box video classic

the whole album was pretty nice i'm setting a few aside for when "random jiggy" becomes a hot ebay search term this pace won collab from the even cheaper cd single was cool too

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Mac Daddy is my joint.

Sporty Thievz album is kinda what the first LOX album should have sounded like.