Friday 23 February 2018

Generic list post: 1998 was 20 years ago!

A sequel to the recent favourite rap songs of 1988 list, 35 indisputable choonz from the year when Belly and Buffalo '66 were released, Pol Pot was declared deceased, and the number of annoying Rap magazine scribes proclaiming Mos Def as "the saviour of Hip Hop!" significantly increased.

KMD - Popcorn
MF DOOM - The Mic
Redman ft. Busta Rhymes - Da Goodness
OutKast - Aquemini
Cool Breeze ft. Dungeon Family - Watch For The Hook
Noreaga - Superthug
Mac Dre - Life's A Bitch
AZ - The Pay Back
Big Pun - Dream Shatterer
Juvenile - Juvenile On Fire
Cam'Ron ft. Ma$e - Horse & Carriage
Sporty Thievz - Cheapskate (You Ain't Gettin' Nada)
Fat Pat - Tops Drop
Devin The Dude - Mo' Fa Me
Kool G. Rap - Mafioso
E-40 - Flashin'
D.I.T.C - Dignified Soldiers
Show & A.G. - Spit
Big L - Size 'Em Up
DJ Quik - We Still Party
Young Bleed ft. C-Loc & Maxminelli - Better Than The Last Time
Silkk The Shocker ft. Mystikal - It Ain't My Fault
Soulja Slim - From What I Was Told
Missin' Linx - M.I.A.
Godfather Don - Da Bomb Baby
Screwball - Cookies & Cream
Pastor Troy - No Mo' Play In G.A
C-Bo - 'Til My Casket Drops
Gang Starr - Work
M.O.P. - Handle Ur Bizness (DJ Premier Remix)
Pacewon - I Declare War
Eminem - My Name Is
The Coup - Me & Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Night
Gangsta Boo ft. Three 6 Mafia - Where Dem Dollas At?
DMX - Crime Story

(Decided that I can't front My Name Is however much I'd like to. Contrary to popular opinion, it is a far better song than Role Model or Any Man or any of the other 1997 - 1999 Eminem tracks beloved of my fellow headz who don't even particularly like Eminem.)


Unknown said...

Despite all the revisionist history that "Real Hip Hop" died in the late 90's alot of my favorite rap songs came out in this era alot of which fall into the shiny suit/jiggy category

Yeldarb said...

Make Em Say

step one said...

97 was a strange one but I feel like all the various sub genres and regions stepped up in 98. Definitely a good year.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Favourite song which was supposed to drop in 1998 but got shelved and didn't see the light of day until years later: Brand Nu Hustle by Brand Nubian.

Cool tory Bro said...

Ras Kass "Ghetto Fabulous"
Styles of beyond "Spies like us"
Xzibit "Chamber music"
Aceyalone "Balance"
Public Enemy "Resurrection"
Gang Starr "Next time"
E40 "Lieutenant Roast A Botch"
E40 "Jump my bone"

d said...

Watch For The hooks kinda overrated imo, Im a Cre-A-Tine man.

few honorable mentions:
Mac & Mystikal - Murda Murda Kill Kill
Tim Smooth & Mystikal - Handle Ya Business
Cormega & Mobb Deep - killaz Theme
Indo G & gangsta Boo - Remember Me Ballin
Gangsta Blac & Playa Fly - Nobody/ Da End
Killa Klan Kaze - Hard Not To Kill
8Ball & Goodie Mobb - Backyard Mississippi
Crooked Lettaz & Nore - Firewater
Tela - Table Dance
DJ DMD Fat Pat & lil Keke - 25 Lighters
Lil Keke - Southside
Saafir - Street Scene
Will Smith - Miami
Kurupt & Tray Dee - C-Walk
Daz, WC & Cj Mac - Ridin High
Nate Dogg & Warren - nobody Does It Better
Mase - Lookin At Me
Allfrumtha I - County Jail
Thirstin Howl III - Keep On Cluckin
i give up

who wins here though - og Dream Shatterer vs Ghetto Superstar vs that Black Rob song
Where Dem Dollars At vs Sho Nuff vs In My pockets

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Black Rob and Tela FTW.

Lookin' At Me is '97. 25 Lighters is a very good call though.

d said...

Nah the single came out in 98. Southside & Killaz Theme are prob a stretch though.

Holup - discogs sez I Dare You came out in 98, not on Bad Boy? hmm

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Harlem World is a 1997 album, thus Lookin' At Me is disqualified. Them's the rules.

step one said...

I Dare You was on the Slam soundtrack. Could never get on with the chorus though. Dude sounds too much like Sting.

d said...

the 98 Im gonna die remembering was one w Miami n Gettin Jiggy With It :(

Unknown said...

@d nice call on Backyard Mississippi Lost is a criminally underrated album

d said...

Theres better ones but I think Lost is my fav double album just cos you get to hear that much of 8Ball in his prime. Similarly Murda Muzik>>>>HNIC but I like HNIC better.

Its always bothered me Eight Balls never been consistent w how to write his name.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The artist formally known as...

d said...

Why do you choose to christen em Ball&G

GGGGGG said...

Someone needs to turn this into a playlist

mp45 said...

big tymers - big ballin
meen green + pimp c - deep in the game
lil sin + ugk - free
ugk bump & grill (i got the hook up soundtrack)
ugk my bitch (Independence Day comp)
Tragedy Khadafi ‎– Too Bent And Too High
Genovesee - Decisions
Kasino+Lox - Well, well, well

Andrew Barber said...

Scarface featuring Devin, Tela & Too $hort "Fuck Faces" for the best song of 1998

Fred said...

Late to the party but 98 was a great year for no limit records, it's like most of their classic NO albums came out that year. Also even though Da Game Is To Be Sold Not Told is the least good of the Snoop/NL run, Woof ft Mystikal & Fiend is still a song worth mentionning music video is a true work of art haha.

Also Cocoa Brovaz - Black Trump ft Raekown a cool single on a so-so album.

See What I Could Pull off The Dude used to be my go-to jam for a long time, or Alright if I'm in a mood.

So many great albums came out that year, the Quik is desert island material for me.