Friday 10 November 2017

"With 1 and a half pair of pants you ain't cool" 2K17

"See me, I'm a 90's baby
Don't care 'bout what you did, n*gga, we crazy
I'm from where if you hustle, you go a while without bathin'
No food in your house, so your breakfast's the candy lady"

Baby Soulja ft. Boosie Badazz - Dirty
(From Dirty (The Soundtrack) EP; 2017)

Some music sounds seasonal to me, baby! This joint by Soulja Slim's babby & Boosie grownazz makes way more sense to me in november than it did back when it dropped in the spring. Shit's a lesson in how to do 2017 monochromatic street rap right: add a sprinkling of piano keys for Thun-Rap ambiance, and keep the percussion to a minimum so the words can pull all the punches. If C-Loc had kept doing his Concentration Camp compilations with emerging Baton Rogue talent then Dirty has the feel of a song which'd be on the latest Camp LP.

How pissed do you think Baby Soulja is that OMB Peezy recorded the definitive From What I Was Told beatjack, though? Competition is none.


D said...

Wtf I didn't cop on he was slims kid? V cool

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I wonder if any of Lil' Slim's offsprings rap? If so, need a Baby Soulja X Baby Slim track.

hotbox said...

strong candidate for song of the year. been bumpin this for 6 months straight

hotbox said...

ayo is he soulja slim's kid for real though? been doing some investigative research (you tube comments) and I'm not so sure There are some similarities in appearance but Lil Soulja Slim looks almost identical

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

YouTube comments is where I read he's Soulja Slim's kid.

Different baby mam to Lil' Soulja Slim according the comments.

pinkchardonnay said...

Damn this is one of the hardest songs I've heard in a while. 'Where you and your brother wear the same shoes, where the neighborhood bad but yall ain't got enough money to move.' I have to second the 'strong candidate for song of the year' comment