Sunday 14 August 2016


Did you find this tune in a YouTube rabbit hole which began with one of Maine Musik's videos? If so, YouTube's suggestions are currently the internet's foremost tastemaker of 2016 Baton Rouge rap because I stumbled on this tune the exact same way.

"She asked me for some shoes, I bought her Crocs
Bitch, what the f*ck do I look like a bop?
SIKE! I wouldn't buy a bitch a pair of flip-flops"

WNC Carlos ft. JMM Larry & SOG Sherwood Flame - Cross Me
(From YouTube; 2016)

If not, meet me at the crossroads like Bone Thugs because you've come up on the new Watch My Shoes. A turn-up anthem that's 2016 rap's most eviscerating use of the term ‘bop’ since OMG by RJ.

"F*ck your baby momma, she a bop!
F*ck your baby daddy, he a bop!"

(From OMMIO 3 mixtape; 2016)

Bit spooky how Cross Me and TEC & Maine Musik's Ain't No Comin' Down both have a Bone Thugs Crossroads line when both songs dropped within a week or so of each other innit? p

"Lord please forgive me, I'm a lost soul
Bone Thug his whole clique then meet each other at the Crossroad"

T.E.C & Maine Musik - Ain't No Comin' Down
(From YouTube; 2016)


SE said...

It was either that or a Spitta video, but yeah, I rode the 'rithm to the end of the rainbow.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ah, it was either Ain't No Comin' Down or the Spitta & Maine song which recommended me the other WNC Carlos song which isn't as good as this one. Wish I'd have investigated further.

YouTube >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> every other streaming service.

David said...

the WNC song is awesome yeah, good find RMH

L.A said...

Eazy E lives!!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Uncle Charles too.

Petter417 said...

I totes found NBA Youngboy thru a Maine Music youtube suggestion lol. There is somethin abt NBA YB that I like p much but his songs have no real bass?