Thursday, 18 August 2016

Born to Audiomack: best of A-Mafia edition

A-Mafia claims his official debut album finally drops this fall, but whether it's any good or not is almost immaterial at this point - Uptown's own Mr. Outta Town already cemented his position as the G.O.A.T Harlem henchman rapper because none of his immediate competitors have gone so hard for so long, or been able to Love Rap their whole goonery up at the drop of a Con Funk Shun classic. Here's a best of A-Mafia playlist which starts in 2003 with his tracks from various Purple City mixtapes and finishes in 2015 with his My Boy single. Monsters, gorillas, alligators, beasts, demons, and fans of N.Y thug rap with opera samples - it's yours.

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Ben Jones said...

Considering New York rap continues to disapoint as the years go on some new A-Mafia would be nice. My only concern about this being an album rather than a mixtape is that its gonna have a bunch of ill advised Future/Trap songs and not enough NY Goon rap.

Si Mane Price said...

Definitely a worry.

Smell Rell said...

This is tuff af

L.A said...

Guud luuks