Monday 29 August 2016

I never ghost rode whips, ghosts rode in my whips

"Dead people - I see 'em still
I see 'em in motion, I see 'em bein' still
Shhhh - dead people only I can view
When the time is right, wait until it's opportun'
Walkin' out the house, desert eagle on the side
Broad daylight I'm seein' people that've died
Some of natural causes, some were murdered
Some were actual losses, others deserved it"

A-Wax - Dead People
(From Nightmare From Elm Street Vol. 1 mixtape; 2010)

A-Wax over the best Sid Roams beat on Prodigy's Product Of The 80's album shoulda been the main theme to It Follows. Only weirdos care about whether rappers really live what they spit, but those rappers who've caught a body do tend to be the vividest authors when it comes to Murder Rap. "Seein' people I ain't got no business seein', I remember just feelin' like it was him or me.."

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