Tuesday 26 January 2016

If I sin God forgive me but my baby need Pampers

"Mama strugglin', Grannie watch us, gangsta patnas, oh my
Can't afford it so we stole it, we was roaches, no lie
Saw my first body dead in the street at 8, oh my
Lil' Glenn just blew his brains out with his own fo' five"

Boosie - Forgive Me Being Lost
(From In My Feelings (Goin' Thru It) album; 2016)

The other Boosie song I really really really fuxwit from his latest album now has a video too. Much like Howlin' Wolf asked for water and then got gasoline, Boosie asked for money to buy nappies but life just gave him more shit instead.


Catfish said...

Beat is creepy af in a good way.

hotbox said...

Happy someone is paying attention to this instead of 8-minute Macklemore songs

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I can neither confirm nor deny any rumours that I've sang along to Mackelmore's song about mopeds when drunk in my favourite bar.