Thursday 21 January 2016

I tried to get away but I couldn't get far, because I saw my man Westwood out by the bar

Step Guardiola upped a Melle Mel freestyle over The Message on Westwood in 1994 where Rap's original 'roid rager performs his famous verse in full and then flips Duke Bootee's 2 verses with a twist of vinegar for the fish & chips massive:

"John Major's ringin' Westwood's phone
So he can throw a jam at Nate Dogg's home"

Melle Mel - The Message freestyle
(From Westwood's Radio 1 show; 1994)

It's the C.O.D Father Part III, mushy peas, sippin' on some badly-brewed tea.


GGGGGG said...

Bigger than Big Ben?

step one said...

"Step Guardiola" - i feels this