Sunday 24 January 2016

Generic list post: the slap files (2010 - 2015)

Catch ya boy Foxx Mulduh hibernatin' like Eugene Tooms this afternoon, feasting on the slaps of NorCal rappers rather than the livers of dead humans. Decided to turn my contentment into #content with a generic list post of the 50 best northern California slaps made during the past 5 years as decided by a complete outsider to California Livin'. You don't like 'em? Respectfully kiss my arse 'til your lips bleed. Alternatively, drop them glaring omissions in the comments.

Too $hort - Bitch I'm A Pimp (2010)
E-40 ft. B-Legit - 43 (2012)
Droop-E ft. Nite Jewel & J. Stalin - 'N The Traffic (2013)
Cousin Fik - Knocka N*gga Down (2012)
22nd Letter - Blunt On Me (2015)
Clyde Carson ft. The Team - Slow Down (2012)
Ezale - Foreal Foreal (2013)
Dru Down ft. The Jacka - Hello Hello Hello (2012)
The Jacka ft. Dru Down & Joe Blow - The President's Face (2014)
Berner & The Jacka ft. Rydah J. Clyde - One Sound (2015)
Husalah - Da Mob (2011)
Mob Figaz - Loyal To The Mob (2011)
Joe Blow - The Dopest (2012)
Dubb 20 ft. Husalah - Been A While (2012)
NhT Boyz - Slidin' (2010)
A-Wax & Gonzoe ft. C-Murder - Natural Disasterz (2010)
A-Wax - Trainwreck (2014)
Bobby Brackins - Jon And Kate Plus 8 (2010)
Messy Marv - Real N*gga (2011)
HD of Bearfaced - 40 Glock USA (remix) (2012)
Young L - Young L-E-N (2010)
Lil B - Look Like Jesus (2010)
J. Stalin ft. The Jacka - Red & Blue Lights (2010)
Lil' Blood ft. J. Stalin - Sell My Coke (2010)
Philthy Rich ft. D-Lo & Stevie Joe - Ready To Ride (2010)
Beeda Weeda - Baserock Babies (2010)
Eddi Projex ft. Beeda Weeda - Gettin' G's (2010)
Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci (2011)
Lil' Debbie - I Do My Thang (2014)
Keak Da Sneak - Maxi Pads (2010)
HBK Gang - She Ready (2010)
IamSu - Don't Matter (2011)
Sage The Gemini - Don't You (2013)
Show Banga ft. Sage The Gemini - I Been That (2014)
D-Mac ft. Sage The Gemini & Show Banga - Panoramic (2013)
Jay Ant - Ask Y.B (2014)
DB Tha General - Upgrade 'Em 2 (2011)
DJ Upgrade ft. Rico Tha Kidd - Hey Girl (2013)
Roach Gigz ft. Kreayshawn - Pussy Magnet (2013)
Young Lox - Legion Of Doom (2014)
D-Lo - Choppa Dance (2013)
Andre Nickatina ft. The Jacka - Square Crows (2011)
Mozzy - Wet Woozy Wop Em and Wolly (2013)
Nef The Pharaoh - Big Tymin' (2015)
Corn ft. Nef The Pharaoh - Old School Hyphy (2015)
The 99 Percent - Shabooyah! (2014)
Thug Lordz ft. Tha Realest - Mean Muggin' (2010)
Baby Bash ft. Baeza & G. Curtis - Certified Freak (2014)
Kamaiyah ft. Zay M - Out The Bottle (2015)
Lil' Yase & Yatta - Get It In (2015)

Ain't even worth anyone compiling this into a Spotify playlist since you can't find Foreal Foreal, Knocka N*gga Down, Blunt On Me, Baserock Babies, 40 Glock USA (remix). Young L-E-N, Look Like Jesus, Jon And Kate Plus 8 or Out The Bottle on there, and this list would be woefully incomplete without their presence.


step one said...

hoping someone comes through with a zipfile on this

Zwoop nation said...

SE said...

Gracias mi amigo!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Still trippin' over Faneto's red chuck Taylor hi's with calf socks combo.

hotbox said...

A zip file would be good looks and I'm not equipped to do one myself. Also thanks for postin them recent Nef songs. I wasn't sold on Big Tymin' (!!!) but the new tape is 💰

rymsnitch said...

pretty good list considering the sheer volume of shit out there. I'd have to go through a lot of stuff to actually make a proper list but here's a few personal faves:

jacka & laroo - dip
d rek - chem
husalah & b luv - reppin 4 tha cuddie
joe blow - touch of soul
e40 - function / beastin
mozzy - felt it
lil blood - hey lady
j stalin - married to the streets
stevie joe - 80's baby

noah said...

39 of 50 on a spotify playlist 4 u. Plz add tracks that I missed.

THE GUY said...


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That Stevie Joe song is hard RYM.

Dip is ineligible since it's from 2009 but thanx for reminding me about it.

"I remember hustlin rocks just to cop clothes at the mall
Now I'm hotter than that time you sprayed cologne on your balls"

rymsnitch said...

^ lol

It's worth checking out the album 80s baby comes from, some good tracks on there, decent production throughout.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Thanx. Will give it a toot.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Some AZN dude turned this into a YouTube playlist of sorts.

Only track it's missing is Hey Girl by DJ Upgrade & Rico Tha Kidd.

Rap Game Bildsköne Bengtsson said...

Given the topic Im flabbergasted u didnt hornshoe in this bad mutha:

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That wasn't even the best song on Fik's first mixtape - this was.

Knocka N*gga Down is easily his best song to date, imo.

David said...

Not including bladadah is such a challop

David said...

Say what you will but that's clearly a better record than "pussy magnet" (and speaking of roach gifz has better selections to choose from IMO)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Only Roach song I've ever liked.

cozyKevn said...

tree in the load by 40 and fik was one i always went back to from the block brochures

Ray Garraty said...!hkJ2mSRR!yOTZtijfwQZHR_8liUwXumweWnH0uCy_CW9x76WJMAI

zipped it up. hope they are all there and I didn't screw something up.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Cheers. Will post the link in a new post when I get home tomorrow.