Wednesday 8 July 2015


Here to remind youze lot that the only people in the rap trade who should ever be allowed to remake T-Pain songs all hail from Oakland. Neither of these remixes of T-Pain singles were official but J. Valentine & Bailey's Go Dumb was the definitive alternate-version of I'm Sprung, while Ezale's Too High made the official remix of Up Down unnecessary:

J. Valentine & Bailey - Go Dumb
(From Bailey & J. Valentine's Hide Ya Breezy mixtape; 2006)

Ezale - Too High
(From Drug Funnie mixtape; 2013)

PS: Bailey's Fuck Yo' Couch is still the best Dave Chappelle-inspired rap song ever. Rumour has it Dave bailed on the 3rd season of The Chappelle Show because he was shook in case Bailey bodied him with his own concept again. True story, swear down etc.


James said...

That 1st song is (@_@)

Hyphy and Bullshit

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I want a remake of Let Your Hair Down by Kehlani & Nef The Pharaoh. It would be a modern day take on Rapunzel where Prince Nef eventually wins Princess Kehlani's heart by getting her laptop back from those lads who stole it and then made those 2 cold-ass ransom note songs.

Anonymous said...

oh wait now i get it u just call anywhere in the bay oakland. cuz them dudes is from the city. we aint even got rappers in the town no mo cept livewire n bearfaced

James said...

That might be the coldest dis song ever ha

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Anonymous - be my northern California geography editor plz. Shit is very confusing.

Queezy said...

"Too High" makes the original "Up Down" an afterthought too.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nah, they're both equally great and both exist in different universes.

I'll say one thing, though - Too High was 2014's most realistic slap about drug binges.

Zwoop nation said...

I've never heard of Kehlani but that Laptop song is amazing. Need a new Ezale tape more than any other artist right now.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Most ruthless dis song of this decade so far?

FWU by Kehlani is my shit.