Saturday, 11 July 2015

Lots of people say they don't listen to Kid Ink. They do. (Part 2)

Respectfully submitted for your perusal: a remix of the remix of OMI's Cheerleader featuring Bhris Brown's stuntman who also doubles as one of the great singles rappers of the past year or two. Motives for posting this? Therein hangs the tale, for in just a moment we're going to ask you to shake hands, figuratively, with the notion of how Kid Ink blew his hot streak with that Be Real stinker where it sounds like Dej Loaf says "we should be artists" and needed to do something to continue his run of annoying those frumpy rap critics who reside in an alternate dimension where Chance The Rapper or Chief Keef have ever recorded a song that slaps like Show Me, No Option or Body Language. This is that something.

"Ok, it's feelin' like I just won the lotto, baby
32-26-34 waisted"

OMI ft. Kid Ink - Cheerleader (Salaam Remi mix)
(From the internet; 2015)


Ben Jones said...

Kid Ink is def a guilty pleasure his guest appearance on Worth It isn't bad either.

Si Mane Price said...

Be proud of enjoying Kid Ink, imo. He's a master of industrial output.

Gonna need a remix of Drip Drop featuring Kid Ink to see if the universe implodes when he share airtime with Hakeem from Empire.

Hipinion Snitch said...

Chris Opp.

Zara said...

This should have been the official version!!

David said...

You've definitely convinced me that Kid Ink is better than Chief Keef or Chance the Rapper

David said...


Si Mane Price said...

Confident would have been a legit 10/10 if Kid Ink was on there instead of Chance, and you know this.