Friday 3 July 2015

Snow Tha Product >>>>> Donald Trump

(Snow Tha Product & Kevin Gates at the 2014 BET awards. Precisely 10 seconds after this picture was taken security tasered Gates because he asked Snow if he could suck on one of her used tampons.)

If you keep tabs on A-Wax's Instagram then you've probably noticed he has a decent following of Latina honeys extolling his virtues as a rapper and a heartthrob. I've never noticed Snow Tha Product pop up like Lil' Kim in his comments, but listening I'm Saying from her new mixtape it seems plausible that she may have listened to 'Wax's Pullin' Strings album once or thrice these past twelve months. Need a sing-songy barbiturate-ballad that sounds like Trainwreck in the key of Be Alone? Snow Tha Product has the 1 4 u:

Snow Tha Product - I'm Saying
(From The Rest Comes Later mixtape; 2015)


hotbox said...

Nice track. Snow is currently #2 on my rotating list of female rapper crushes and unlike Somaya Reece, her music is lightweight listenable.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

German Expressionism lookin' ass Snow is so hawt.

My mate recommends Suavemente from this new Snow 'tape. But then he would since he owns J-Lo's Spanish-language album.

Thump Snitch said...

JFK been showing u love

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

S/O to Jo - probably the only person who could ever solve the mystery of Louise Haynes.