Friday 10 July 2015

A Latino rap compilation 4 u

In the first official Martorialist X SoManyShrimp collaboration, David Drake & I formed like Orson Welles voicing Unicron to drop a compilation of songs by Latino rappers which shit on Donald Trump's whole life. We plumped for a mix of deep cuts and singles, and we took it back to Cypress Hill and Kid Frost in the early '90s right up to recent cuts from Kap G and Snow Tha Product because we're really out here ridin' for Boriqua-rap and Cholo-core like that.

Oi Donald - your hairplugs look like that Joy Division artwork, Ivana fleeced you even after you pre-nupped her, Vince McMahon says "you're fired!" with more swag than you, the U.K version of The Apprentice bodies the Yank original, and Baby Bash is a better representation of the American Dream than you. Suck a dick with piss in it.

The Martorialist & SoManyShrimp presents - Fuck U Donald!

Cypress Hill - Shoot 'Em Up (1991)
Kid Frost - Mi Vida Loca (1993)
Frankie Cutlass - Puerto Rico (O.G mix) (1993)
Potna Deuce - Funky Behavior (1994)
Latino Velvet - Raza Park (O.G version) (1997)
N2Deep - Situations (1997)
Black Attack ft. Problemz & Al Tariq - Verbal Attack (1997)
Lay-Lo - Take It Like A Gee (1999)
Terror Squad - Watcha Gonna Do? (1999)
Lord Tariq - This Cold World (2000)
SPM ft. Baby Beesh - Oh My My (2000)
Boo Da Boss Playa ft. Young Bleed & King Goldi - I Like 2 (2001)
The Beatnuts - We Got The Funk (2002)
Baby Beesh - On Tha Cool (2002)
Tony Touch & Doo Wop - G'z Up (2002)
Kurious a/k/a Biolante - Fast Lane (2003)
Pitbull ft. Lil' Jon - Culo (2004)
N.O.R.E & Peedi Crakk - N*gga Rican (2004)
Lil' Rob - Summer Nights (2005)
Psycho Les - Show Me Thoze! (2007)
Sen Dog - Capo (2008)
Kap G - Fuck La Policia (2014)
Mr Criminal ft. Carolyn Rodriguez - Never Gonna Let You Go (2014)
Chingo Bling - I Don't Sell Tamales No More (2015)
Snow Tha Product - Suavemente (2015)


We kept it Team Lightskin partially as a tribute to Yams and partially because we'd have ended up 50 tracks deep if we'd started including half-Hispanic rappers like AZ, Trina, Prodigy, Jim Jones, Diamond from Crime Mob etc etc. Obviously there wasn't enough room for every Latin rapper on here, but please believe it's all love to Dres, Max Minelli, Agallah, Johnny J, Kirko Bangz and pretty much everyone bar Immortal Technique and Termanlogy.


Mean Machine said...

'Fastlane' is an absolute ripper of a song. I also have a soft spot for Mellow Man Ace's Tom Tom Club dedication on 'Linda.'

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Comp updated with the no-DJ version of N*gga Rican. Props to Ray Garraty for coming through.

Ruben said...

No love for Thirstin Howl?

Ray Garraty said...

I was always sceptical to Latino rap. Now's the chance to try it. There was also Wu Latino comp (whack, I suspect).

El Guapo said...

Órale Compadre

hotbox said...

Other than the Mellow Man Ace omission this is perfect. 2015 = banner year for Zippyshare records

David said...

"I Like 2" is sounding mad distorted. Good song tho

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, that I Like 2 MP3 is a dirty YouTube rip from 3 or 4 years back. Anybody got a working Land Of G-Funk account because that's the only place I've ever seen the Hustle Hard compilation it comes from.

Ain't gonna lie, Rhyme Fighter is the only Mellow Man Ace joint I know.

Thirstin Howl is more of a #menswear icon than a rapper, imo. Polo Rican is a decent song, though.

Ray Garraty said...

It won't be today, but maybe I'll get the HustleHard comp this weekend.

d said...

here am I the only 1 w a working land of g-funk account

didnt realise it was such a precious honour

on it

d said...

sir alan suga free said...

Orson Welles applauding gif

Andrew Barber said...

no kane & abel boooooooooo

Habibi said...

How are Los Marijuanos not included? "Gang Banga" or "Slangin' Trees" at least. I'm looking at you Drake!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Hah, Drake did suggest Los Marijuanos but we couldn't decide on a song.

Cheers, Donal.

David said...

prob could have included "Slangin Trees" on here

David said...

Oy could have included Gunplay as well

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


I Got The Flame is the Los Marijuanos I'm liking the best. But even then I'm like "why didn't they sell this beat/hook to Twista & Ms. Kane instead?"

GGGG said...

Love you both (yh)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I just realised that Take It Like A Gee was the O.G Type Of Way.

THE GUY said...