Friday, 5 June 2015

"This is reality-rap, we all go through it!" part 100

"Everything 100, my n*gga
Took my phone off the charger at 100 percentage"

D-Rek ft. C Plus & Nef The Pharaoh - WTF
(From Soundcloud; 2015)

Very much feeling this Hyphy/Ratchet hybrid movement Nef The Pharaoh seems to be spearheading right now. Nef raps about bringing zombies back to life and eating eagles on WTF but that "I got the Furly Ghost, you feel me, cuddy?" line is the key lyric here because this track is pretty much Hustle 2k15 in everything but song title.

Related note: how on Earth did Derek C & Derek D manage to get first dabs on the best DJ Mustard beat since Post To Be? Moreover, how on Earth did they manage to convince Jeremih to fly over to the UK and appear in the video when he refused to shoot a promo for Don't Tell 'Em? Every country gets the Costco value knock-off of Bash Bash's Certified Freak it deserves.

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Bay Davis said...

Oakland stays lovin "Grindin"