Thursday 4 June 2015


(No Slim Thug & Pharrell.)

Styles P ft. Max B - Kill That Faggot (remix)
(From Max B's Million Dollar Baby 2 mixtape; 2008)

Hat tip to ANU for reminding me there was a Max B remix of Styles P's Kill That Faggot where Biggavelz spat some of the foulest raps of his career. Bumped into Styles in a hotel last year and suggested to him that Kill That Faggot was the hardest shit since MC Ren. He agreed and lamented how the suits at Koch wouldn't let him include it on his Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman) album because of the song's title/hook. Oh what a difference the letter M coulda made.

Styles P - Kill That Faggot
(From The Ghost In The Shell mixtape; 2007)


d said...

whoa @ the max version!

Agreed on that song, its his best song imo. p funny how needless the f-bomb is, its not like its Boom bye bye thematically

Ad Koch said...

First the original title of the Beasties Boys debut, and now this? Is there anything that the dreaded F-word won't sabotage?

SE said...

Ridiculously hard (yes homo). Homophobia is a dying industry in rap, this is some Fabulous Thunderbirds throwback material.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Kill That Faggot might be the Bela Lugosi's Dead of noughties NY mixtape rap. Shit sounds mad Transylvanian and I can't listen to it without gettin' crazy visions of Styles rising from a coffin to deliver his sermons to bunch of ghouls.

THE GUY said...


REDLite said...

I didn't understand what y'all meant about KA being the backpacker Max B until I listened to this, now I totally get it. I just haven't heard the right Max B I guess. Thanks for this.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I specifically had Hawaii 5-0 and Dead Solver in mind when I made that comparison.