Sunday 21 June 2015

R.I.P The Cut

Can't believe Charlie Sloth is favouring Coke Boy Money over Off The Rip as his current French 'n' Chinx track of choice when the latter is the much better song and the one that's been adopted by New York radio playlists. Apt that Off The Rip should be a Bloody Money homage since Chinx was very much the Capone to French's NORE on their songs together.

French Montana ft. Chinx & NORE - Off The Rip
(From Casino Life 2 mixtape; 2015)

Related note: this 1995 freestyle by Capone, Noreaga & Tragedy is so good it almost sounds like an unreleased The War Report track.


Earlestown Massive said...

Charlie is on Bugzy Malone's dick so hard right now lol

step one said...

Charlie Sloth is a total fucking cock.

Unknown said...

That CNN freestyle was somethin.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Love Capone urgin' NORE to "get open, son, get open" as he starts his verse.