Sunday 8 March 2015

Let me find out this came out mid december and I didn't notice until 15 minutes ago

Let me find out one of this era's great songs about equal opportunity hatin' finally got its long-touted sequel. Let me find out this should've been Juvenile's first Rich Gang single. Let me find out lightning hasn't quite quite struck twice but this is still pretty nice. Let me find out Audiomack wouldn't accept the MP3 of this shit. Let me find out this is the first time I've heard Snoop with any kind of real menace in his voice since 2006 when he recorded 10 Lil' Crips. Let me find out it was an Aussie who put together that recent '90s Ca$h Money Records Bounce mix:

"Let me find out ya baby daddy is a liar
Wearin' fresh POLO but ain't got no washer or no dryer"

5th Ward Weebie ft. Snoop & Juvenile - Let Me Find Out Pt 2
(From Let Me Find Out (Exclusive Pack) EP; 2014)

*EDIT* Divshare link died too, so I've upped the MP3 from DJ Hectik's Inspired By The Streets 13.5 mixtape to Audiomack and it works.


Unknown said...

Everything I've heard from Juvie recently has been pretty good.

KTT Snitch said...

This bangs

GGGG said...

That bounce mix is everything i need today

hotbox said...

"This video is not available" ---> probably a Canadian issue.

The bounce mix is stellar; I had a similar comp in the pipeline. Noz's "Bounce for Relief" comps still get much play too

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Damn, no wonder nobody knew part 2 existed when the only place you can find it to stream is a xenophobic YouTube upload.

Divshared it.

hotbox said...

juvie's on a mimi-streak right now