Tuesday 17 March 2015

A Lil' Chris compilation 4 u

When I say the letter P is central to the music of Chicago's Lil' Chris I ain't talkin' about that Saigon & Kool G. Rap song from a decade ago - dude continually keeps hittin' those polyphonic sweet spots other rappers from west side Chicago struggle to even locate, and his songs are full of pathos and these little moments of profundity about everyday life. I put together a compilation of my 10 favourite tracks of his to prove to you he's an artist with multitudes and not just the Bushwick Bill of Bop (Bushwick Drill?). Guess what I titled it?

Lil' Chris - Lilmatic (compilation)

1. Same Shit, Different Day (2012)
2. Finesse The Beat (2015)
3. 2 Fake (2014)
4. N*gga Wit' Some Money (ft. Tiny B) (2015)
5. That's Wat Money Do (2014)
6. Get On Yo Shit (2014)
7. Sick And Tired (2014)
8. Bad Lil' Chick (Got Her Own Shit) (2015)
9. Godamn (2013)
10. Keep Your Head Up (2013)



Bobby said...

A Nas stan is going to behead for that title.

Anonymous said...

pussy smell good like detergent lol

Queezy said...


James said...

Lol @ the Bushwick Bill of Bop

SE said...

Until now I wasn't sure if Lil Chris was diminutive or all his videos were just shot from weird angles. Thx 4 the comp!

Catfish said...

Good looks for this.

nyqueezy said...