Saturday, 28 March 2015

A When Boosie Was Gone TRILL ENT compilation 4 u

Don't thank me, thank my blogga there Hot Box who zipped that When Boosie Was Gone generic list post of mine up into a compilation. If you missed the post, its premise was songs by TRILL ENT artists which were released when Boosie was doing porridge, which basically translate to a shitload of jams by Webbie, Foxx, Mouse On Tha Track, Lil' Phat, and Lil' Trill & Shell. Sod the British Bulldog & Owen Hart, the Martorialist & Hot Box is the greatest Anglo-Canadian union since that British golden retriever starred alongside Corey Haim in Watchers.



Yoh said...

Love you both nh

Ben Jones said...

This comp is great

hotbox said...

co-sign sisilafami the new foxx tape is solid

"my blogga there hotbox" not a blogger i just zip a lot

Si Mane Price said...

The Ziplock boys.

Ben Jones said...

Also Speakin of Trill ENT what I heard from that new Foxx mixtape was solid. What's his best mixtape?

Si Mane Price said...

Foxx Mayweather.

I made a Foxx compilation before that dropped in 2012 too.