Tuesday, 6 November 2012

20 great non-2012 Rap songs I discovered in 2012

Token bi-monthly generic vanity list in the vein of this post from last year. Feel free to drop some gems you've caught late passes for in the '012 too on some I Share, We All Share type shit. Unless, that is, you're Wicked22 - then you can git ta steppin' and go slash your wrists with your Damu The Fudgemunk REAL VINYL NOT MP3S!!! :

DB Tha General - Gas (2007)
Chinx Drugz ft. French Montana - All About My Money (2010)
Boo ft. Maxminelli & J-Von - Ima (1999)
Grand Puba - Time To Put It On (199?)
Jackie Chain - Molly (2011)
Young Squad - Break Me Off (2008)
All $tar - $tarlito's Way (2007)
J-Buc & Lil' Cali - Stuck up (2011)
Disco Four - Throwdown (1983)
Ike Eyes - Blue Roxies (2011)
Duddy Ken & Attitude - Valet (2003)
A-Mafia - I Ain't Playin' (2004)
Newcleus - Programmed 4 L.O.V.E (2009)
TREE - Trouble (2011)
Black Rob ft. The Lox - Can I Live? (alternate 12" version) (1999)
Maceo - Ho Sit Down (2006)
Lord Finesse - Inconsiderate Females (1989)
Handy ft. Box & Webbie - Mobbin' In Them Old Schools (2005)
HBK Gang - She Ready (2010)
Latee ft. Prince Naiquan & E-Marvelous - Who Rips The Sound (199?)


James said...

This year i have been mostly discovering all those 2008 Gucci Mane mixtapes.

done said...

Whoa where'd you find that Latee song?

Me too James. Yeah Sean Price put me onto Ike Eyez this year, he can be a bit ornery aul fella at times but he has some great moments.

This Skinny Pimp song:
some dude stinks it up by rapping woefully though

done said...

lady, I should say

Richard Tre Mane said...

Who Rips The Sound is from an EP DWG released of unreleased Latee stuff from 1992/1993. That and the instrumental interludes are the only songs I'm feelin' on there.

done said...

Nice one, DWG are the man dere. Ive suspected for a while theyre sitting on the really good stuff til all the other vinyl outlets crumble though. Some of that shit should stay buried.

Great call on Gas btw, its easily ,y favourite off that album.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Honourable mention goes out to I Need A Hitta by Katie Got Bandz, which I first heard right at the arse-end of 2011 but didn't truly comprehend until this year.

done said...

One day the world will too.

sisilafami said...


Richard Tre Mane said...

Peace to Catfish Hunter!

Catfish Hunter said...

The fact you have "Starlito's Way" on here is dope as hell. That was the song that initially made me a Starlito fan, and he's still my favorite rapper to this day. Your blog just might be my new favorite blog.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Hi Catfish!