Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gurlz r mean!

Oh shit, that flagrantly sexist yet vulnerably wounded Lord Finesse demo over the same dick-swanging Billy Cobham break as CMW's Duck Sick has finally been cleaned up and is coming out on wax thanks to Slice Of Spice Records! What a pity it's on a 5" record that'll be near-impossible to play; where's the DWG famalam with their more sensible limited-edition vinyl formats when you need 'em?

"So, girls don't sleep, don't even doze off
I'm good with the mic plus I'm good with my clothes off"

Lord Finesse - Inconsiderate Females
(From Funky Technician sessions; 1989/Inconsiderate Females 5"; 2012)

I sure hope Finesse has cleared that Red Baron sample because I'd hate to see him get sued for copying the music from a song written, produced and performed by Billy Cobham, a Jazz legend, changing the title and then distributing it under his own name in order to re-launch his music career.

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bradley said...

love this